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is everything about words!

Proofreading and editing service

Word2Words is a leading proofreading and editing service specialising in finding errors and correcting spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, formats, typography and style.

Qualified and experienced proofreaders will identify and correct the overlooked errors and typos, including the common mistakes most people make when attempting to proofread their own work.

Word2Words proofreaders and editors are trained to offer advice, provide suggestions and ensure the final work is of a professional standard to achieve maximum impact.

We are here to allow you to relax and free up your time to focus on your other talents.


How does Word2Words stand out?

Word2Words is available 24/7 online.

We offer an on-site service where we come to you.


Completely confidential and secure

Word2Words understands the importance of a confidentiality agreement. Client information and documents are never collected or shared. Documents are stored with permission only. The client retains all copyright and credits on edited documents.



For quotes and general enquiries email us at word2words@outlook.com

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